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of Artifice

Ghostly International: 2008—2014

First Edition

VSCO Artist Initiative™

xOver the course of his career, award-winning visual artist Michael Cina has experimented with and mastered a dizzying array of disciplines, including typography, branding, art direction, illustration, fine art, motion, web, and photography. He has put these considerable talents to use, designing stunning album covers for Ghostly International since 2007.
In conjunction with VSCO Artist Initiative™, Cina has produced a limited edition book featuring 100 album covers and the accompanying concept art he has created over the years. Hardcover
10.25" x 10"
240 pages
Belly band unfolds into a poster of Cina’s work 
“My hope is that it will give the viewer a unique glimpse into the diverse work I have done in the last six years with Ghostly. It is special when an artist and company can work hand in hand without expectations... I feel that the sum is greater than the parts, and this book will show the care that I put into each project.”


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