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I live in a climate where I am constantly reminded of seasons and cycles but for a lot of us, we don’t get that, so the new year is a big deal to most. A time to start anew. I see inspiration and work as a parallel to seasons. Sometimes color inspires me for a week, sometimes art inspires me for a year, and sometimes it’s type or design. Sometimes inspiration comes and you can’t get to it, often it’s only work, and sometimes none at all. Sometimes it’s more than we desire.

Everything comes in seasons.

There’s a phrase called ‘Carry the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders’ and it’s something that has become apparent over the last twenty years. We have access to everything in the world, the moment it happens. Five or so years ago I was looking through a book on sculpture and found the Farnese Atlas. It struck me as a perfect metaphor for the modern human condition. We are burdened with carrying the weight of the world on our backs and it’s not realistic or manageable.

I went back and reread the myth and it’s essentially about Zeus condemning Atlas to hold the heavens on his back to separate the heavens and the earth which would prevent the two from mixing so often. While it’s not a story about ‘the weight of the world,’ it’s an allusion to the burden borne by Atlas.

Last year I started sketching an idea for this concept and refined it down to a logo I am going to use on my process site. It’s a good reminder of the burden of problems, doubts, imperfections, and responsibilities associated with human existence while also trying to mix heaven and earth together.

I hope this year brings you peace and a way through all the noise in the new season. Let me know if there is anything you want me to write about, thoughts, etc. I would love to hear them and to hear from you.
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