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Olympic Portraits
Annie Leibovitz
Michael Cina

This book, authored by Annie Leibovitz in1996 and later transformed by Michael Cina, traces its origins to the early 2000s, a period when I regarded books not as final destinations but as tools for crafting new narratives. I'd fill its pages with bits of ephemera, like plane tickets, and gradually began viewing them as art pieces in their own right. This evolution marked a profound departure from my original intent of creating a utilitarian resource, giving birth to the idea of the book itself as a work of art.

I acquired two copies of the book in the late 90s with a specific vision in mind—a canvas for crafting a sketchbook. Yet, at the outset of this venture, my vision remained uncalibrated, resulting in pages that meandered away from the overarching aesthetic and vision I had for it. I was still in the process of uncovering what resonated and what did not.

It wasn't until around 2008, amidst a resurgence of my regular painting practice, that I revisited its pages. This reconnection breathed new life into the possibilities and pathways for engaging with the photographs contained within.  It also opened the door to exploring novel ways of adapting and reimagining these images. 

At the time I began this journey, I hadn't encountered anyone else pursuing this kind of work. This book became a prized piece in the mosaic of my creative process, a light that illuminated solutions later employed in my artistic endeavors.

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Height:11.15 in.
Width:8.82 in.
Thickness: 1 in.

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